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Kerry Bond

Client Manager

Kerry started exploring the world when she was at university, joining a charity challenge that took her trekking on the Great Wall of China. For her first time outside of Europe, China was both chaotic and fascinating and gave her the drive to do more travelling. Next up was a trip to Nepal and a trek to Everest Base Camp. Walking past 6000m mountains, conquering exposure fears on gigantic bridges and being slightly delirious from a sickness bug caught in Kathmandu was certainly a humbling experience.

Leaving university seeking more, Kerry spent 3 months in Sri Lanka where she spent time volunteering on mental health placements. Really valuing her downtime, she spent every weekend packed tightly on to buses travelling the length and breadth of the country.

Money ran out and Kerry came home, but she wasn’t ready to stop… she joined an expedition company where she spent 6 years learning more about the world. Travelling far and wide: Thailand, Borneo, Morocco, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru and Bolivia are all stamped on Kerry’s colourful passport.

Kerry lives just outside of Snowdonia in North Wales. Close to lakes, mountains, and the sea, it is the perfect corner of the world for her to swim, bike, climb and hike, spending as much time as possible enjoying all the activities the area has to offer.

Kerry is often the person that you’ll be chatting to once you’ve secured your place on an expedition, answering your weird and wonderful questions and giving you all the advice and guidance that you need to get you flying on your adventure.


What was your first adventure?

My first adventure away from home was a solo trip to northern Italy. Under the watchful eye of the Monte Rosa Massif I spent a summer working as a newbie outdoor instructor. Although I spent no time mountaineering, choosing to favour trips to Madrid and Venice over the mountains (oops), I very much enjoyed being immersed in the environment. At the time I was a ‘city girl’ and everything was so different – it was a steep, hard and hilarious learning curve at times, and it certainly turned me onto the path I’m on now. AND it was the place I met my husband, so it really was my first real adventure!

What is the best thing about your job?

I get so excited talking endlessly with you about all your expedition goals. You might think that I’m imparting knowledge on to you but trust me, it’s the other way around. When someone radiates excitement about a place they’ve been, the feeling is contagious, and I want both you and me to do that for one another!

Ben is a brilliant ambassador for 360: wonderful leader, calm, patient, friendly, knowledgeable and up for a laugh. The local crew were also amazing, every single one of them was so friendly and supportive and did everything they could to get us to the top. Certainly I would not have got there without them. Now its back to the ‘Dream it’ part of the adventure cycle, I’m sure I will be in touch soon to book my next adventure.

Thanks again to everybody at 360 and local office, for the before, during and after adventure support – you are without doubt the best expedition company out there!

Marian, Kilimanjaro February 2023
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