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Marni Oostra

Co-Founder / Company Director

Marni was brought up in Devon spending most holidays on Black Velvet, a beautiful gaff rigged boat designed by her father Ewen Southby-Tailyour. From this upbringing it was inevitable she would be drawn into a profession of travel. After a stint of working in the Italian mountains a post card arrived from India which had her packing and she was off to Asia. On her return she was soon to leave again and set out over land to Dahab, Egypt, where she lived for 14 months working as a scuba diver as well as setting up a small, successful underwater photographic business.

Having now met Rolfe (Co-Founder of 360) she hitched her way around north-east Africa following the Omo River from Ethiopia into Kenya before spending weeks traversing the inhospitable savannah lands. She experienced the wild Congo and was lucky enough to experience life with two different tribes, the Hammar in Ethiopia and the Tarkana in north Kenya.

Marni is the driving force behind 360 who has been out on many of our treks and now continues to passionately drive the company forwards.


What was your first adventure?

My very first adventure was when I was 2 yrs old and we moved to the Falkland Islands. I don’t remember too much but I did have a lot of friends in the style of penguins. They quickly became my childhood obsession!


What has been your most memorable adventure?

This has to be hitching around East Africa with Rolfe. We rode on top of cargo lorries and pitched bivis in wild place. We lived with tribes and ate rice for months! It was free and wild.  Living in Egypt, Dahab was also a very special time where some of my closest go-to friends were made.

What item of travel kit you can't do without?

Socks. I love clean crisp new socks on summit night. It’s such a great feeling! That, and Rolfe’s Berghaus sleeping bag. It goes to -70C and i love it and always try to nab it when out on a trip with him.

What three bits of advice would you give to people who are keen on adventures, trekking and climbing?

  1. If you never try you will never know how much you might have loved it.
  2.  It’s not about the summit and you should never focus on that. The summit is one very small moment within the whole expedition.
  3.  Get to know the local team  – They will enrich your expedition and quite possibly life.

What is the best thing about your job?

I get to work with good friends in the office along with amazing guides, western and local representing a whole range of nationalities. I have made many new friends who started off by booking onto an expedition with us and who very quickly moved onto become a buddy. I really do feel like it’s a huge family of adventurous folk.

Why did you choose to work for 360?

HA – I realised if you cant beat em’ join em’! So I set up 360 Expeditions with husband Rolfe and good friend Raj. There was no way Rolfe was ever going to stop being an adventurer/climber so I had no choice. I had to join him! So we looked for a partner and joined up with Raj and set up. I have never looked back, although I wouldn’t mind adding in a few more hot and watery destinations!

A challenging and fun day for people of all levels! Really well organised event. Everyone who organised and supported were really nice and helpful.

Andrew D
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